Anova Sushi Grade Tuna Filets (20 pieces)

Anova Sushi Grade Tuna Filets (20 pieces)


The Anova® brand offers a full range of quality frozen seafood products that are produced under strict food safety guidelines to the BRC food safety standard and are fully traceable. Additionally, all Anova processors have passed SMETA audits assuring best practices in ethical trade. The preservation process of frozen seafood is important to retain its natural color and taste and reduce the risk of dangerous bacteria associated with fresh fish. Anova’s patented Clearsmoke® technology is based on the principles of traditional wood smoking. Only using natural wood products with no additives, preservatives or chemicals of any kind added to the smoke. This allows their seafood to retain the look, texture, and color you’d expect from top quality seafood through the freezing and defrosting process.

Order Online by Thursday at Noon and Pickup Friday at Noon. Must be picked up by Friday at 6:00pm.

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