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Sleepy Time Essential Oil - 15ml


Sleepy Time Formula can induce a deep sleep quickly, without drowsiness in the morning. This is a life saver for assisting children with nightmares and night terrors. Sleepy Time Formula combines Tangerine, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Vetiver, Valerian and Jasmine. These 100% pure essential oils can work together to counter the causes of insomnia and to reinstate the natural healing sleep cycle. Also known to Dissolve the negative emotions of guilt and fear.

  • Disclaimer

    Essential Oils can work wonders, however are not guarenteed. Like anything natural and pure, it requires more than just application. If your mind rejects it, so will your body. Essential Oils are known to increase your vibrations and frequencies to promote better, healthier and happier living. Trust what the Earth has provided and you too can see miraculous results.