Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze Extract (2oz.)

Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze Extract (2oz.)


Here is a formula we have used with great success for well over thirty years. It is used for relieving nervous tension and insomnia; it is mildly stimulating and yet lessens the irritability and excitement of the nervous system and also lessens or reduces pain. This formula contains herbs that feed and revitalize the motor nerve at the base of the skull (medulla area and upper cervicals), and also herbs that help rebuild or feed the spinal cord. This group of herbs will also rebuild the frayed nerve sheath, the nerve itself, and its capillaries. The herbs in this combination are food for your valuable--and in many cases, shattered-- nerves. [HHH p.187]


Dr. Christopher said that we usually bring on our nervous problems ourselves because the sheaths of the nerves have been worn or eaten away by the calcium having been leached off with the sugars that we take so much in beverages, candies, pastries and from the many breads that turn to sugar in the body. When the sheaths are thus worn off the nerves lose their energy and their power. It can be so bad that we wind up in the asylum. Dr. Christopher said that when we find ourselves becoming nervous wrecks, we wonder why the Lord has done this to us! The nerves become so frayed that they become like uninsulated electric wires, finally shorting out and that is what causes our nervous problems. When there is a stressful argument, our nerves cannot take the load and give out. Dr. Christopher said that we have to feed the nerves. They are usually robbed of the foods that they need. Dr. Christopher's Relax-Eze formula was a specific herbal food to rebuild the nerves. [UW-Valerian]

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