Dr. Christopher's Garlic Capsules

Dr. Christopher's Garlic Capsules


Anciently, Garlic was used in both healing and nutrition, as it was known to build physical strength and energy.  It is a valuable nervine tonic and is especially useful in lowering hypertension; laboratory tests have proven this.  It equalizes blood circulation, and it is a useful expectorant for all respiratory affections and infections.  Garlic has a special affinity for the respiratory tract, beneficially influencing bronchial secretions, though it rapidly diffuses throughout the whole system.


Does is ward off vampires? That is debatable, but it does help ward off insects. Oral garlic is a popular folk remedy for insect bite prevention and has been proven to reduce tick bites.Taken raw, 2-3 cloves, it helps with keeping the bugs away, poor digestion, purifies the blood, helps control acne, reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and clotting, Candida, cholera, salmonella, and dysentery. Historically used to clear phlegm, helps in colds, bronchitis, tuberculosis and whooping cough. A cold extract can be used as an enema for intestinal worms, especially pin worms.


100 Count Vegetarian Capsules

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