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OOh yeah yeah yeah,

Listening to my jazz music, with my headphones on. I'm feeling optomistic. Despite the Wonders of the what's happening in the world. It's been a heavy time of Ebb and Flow. NO DOUBt. More than what majority of our bodies knew to prepare for. Adrenal overload. Liver inflammed from alcohol abuse, pushed down anger. I'm talking Real talk here. Hearing conversations with people in our community it seems we're all seeking the simple pleasures in life again... Right!?!

Lets Reset, after this long pause. Get back, and Kickstart into positive gear. Visionary/Creative-NESS. Some things just can't be helped. What's possible is tapping into our imagination. Continue to support and outreach to one another through Facetime if nothing else. Don't get locked away in your home. Get outside, and breathe in the fresh cool air. You got to keep on MOVING! Curbside delivery has been a DREAM! You still have the exchange of unique quality, and supporting the charm of our area.

I've got to keep on moving. My stride is in motion. More social/safe events in the works. I'm currently thinking of adding a vision board tasting. Just throwing some scraps on a table let everyone grab what they want to tape to their board. Put in a place where we can vision the unknown being possible again! Breathing. Drinking in moderation. Less social media distraction. Taking my plant feel goods. (Relax-Eze) sold at the shop:) Has helped me release pushed down emotions.

If you'd like to read more about my plant feel goods go to to receive weekly newsletters in healthy alternatives for healing. These products are sold in house, and online through my website. In ABC basic order. Featuring every month exciting/affordable wine kits from all over the world. Spread love, recognize and see the flow. Stand UP! We Got This!!! God Bless. The WE Team is still on the playing field. Just growing stronger roots. That's all y'all.

Love, and Light,



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