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Looking for a reason...

Knowing I was scared. Not able to explain what was going through my bones. Searching to find. Where I could place all these ideas in my mind. I stayed blind. Not following the mainstream of ideas. This place. I found in the end. Was my home. I spent most of my journey trying to seek elsewhere. The whole time it was right underneath me. Sharing, growing, surviving the challenges that broke me. To reshape me. More people to see. More ships in a hurry on the open sea. Taught me to pause. Be still, standing on the perfect line. Dropped me like no big deal. Turn me over until I got to feel. Deeper within. All the while to find the river shines to see the sea. This is how I overcome my fears.

How I changed my world. From a little girl. Chocolate like for a little kid. Ideas pop in my mind and it becomes an electric feel. My store is an expression of my desires. One patient day at a time. Just know you feel that too. Because you were a big part of the dream. Even if you didn't call. I shouldn't wait to say. Thank you!


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