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In the beginning.

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Wish me luck. Because I'd rather write in a way that's not timeline framed. This whole sharing thing is helping me on my journey. I'm realizing that people can't read what's swept up in dreams that's constantly evolving. So I'll best summarize as I can to how the disguise come about, and the mask fell off. Into someone new, which is me.

I don't know how I got away with how I've come this far. Other than my personal relationship, trust, and connection with God. I speak of cosmos, and spirituality, and fantasy. I'm swept into all that plus so much more. Ultimately the One, is God for me. Pushing outside myself I've found the God in myself. As he's truly the one I feel whenever I fall asleep and wake up again and again.

Driving me to places I never would of been had I'd not listen to the whispers in my head. Formally before the idea of investing into this business. I had a calling in my early twenties. Having a hair salon in the average mainstream business settings. As I was doing my clients hair. Often one's would compliment me on my knowledge of hair, and how to maintain the quality of their mane.

As well as how important it was to take their vitamins and eating healthy. Oddly enough I fell in love with the wine merlot. My clients gifted me this around special occasions because I guess I talked about it a lot. I did so well I was a homeowner by the age of 23. I'd take my earnings and go to one of my favorite Antique Stores called "Kats Antiques".

I remember the first time I walked in. I gasped when I saw the oldest cash register I had ever seen in my life! Now. As a child I had this major imaginary thing where I'd take all my stuffed animals and create my inventory list. Then take my pointer nail with my one lee press on nail and point to my imaginary clients what I was selling. The sound of a cash register opening made my heart zing!!! Little did I know that I would get the same kind of high not long after. Until I heard sharp scissors trimming hair.

That clean cut, that sound! Oh my goodness such wonders the little things did for my soul. Back to the cash register. I made a mental note that day. I don't know how but I will have that register in my life one day. I can't see it enough I said to myself. Well this is the place. Where Kat's turned into Christina's Collectibles, then into Christina's a Wine Boutique. The day was November 19th, 2005. Sometime in February 2006 I received my wine license. The tapestry was unraveling before my very eyes.

This evolution may partake in many blog posts. Slowly but surely I'll make my way there.

Thank you for staying tuned in. Whoever you are!


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