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I was scared, but knew.

Continuing on from my last blog. From the evolution of Kat's antiques to Christina's Collectibles that x marked the title for Christina's a Wine Boutique. Listening to all those whispers that come un conscious brought to surface. I was riding with my mom in the car and looked over here. I mentioned that our friend Cindy was open to selling her shop. I said wouldn't it be great if we could have you mom do real estate in the back and I'd have a sweet inspired vintage gift shop in the front? Well my friends. As soon as I said it out loud that voice in my head shot off a light bulb and said BINGO!

After that I was driven! The thought had been put out into the universe. No doubt the struggle was real, but I knew it was going to lead into something Major! I had to stay my own course. Tune out the mainstream thought process. Dig deep when I was under attack. Yep. I had those moments too. Believe it or not. If it wasn't being called crazy, it was being exposed in the public eyes in other ways. But. I'll tell you this. The unexpected totally began to happen. A new thought process of awareness started to expand in my young 26 year old mind. I was making notes, and yes sir, taking numbers!

I've always liked that saying. Never judge a book by its cover. Dang if that hadn't been the case for me! Shew!!! Times in my journey here. I've even thought to myself. Am I on another planet. Have I been asleep, and just now waking up? What has created my survival? The ebbs and flows. Any retailer will tell you. In the beginning. We call some days... Suicidal days. What have I done!?! Have I risked everything? For what! Why? One thing kept ringing in my ears. My buddy Don. Before he passed away. Who was my neighbor. His business was called "Look back Antiques". Before it was 911 restoration. Then Harrika's. Now Treehouse.

Don was very sick. Dying of Cancer. I had become friends with his wife Dorris and would walk next door to check on him. Sometimes I'd find him on the floor bleeding where he had fell and cut himself. He could hardly walk and stayed there living his dream until his last breath. One day. How he did it. Was so profound to me. My skinny wooden door opened on the front of my shop here. He walked in. Fell to one knee. Taking his time to catch his breath. He looked up at me. Slowly says then. Chrissy, you have a dream. See your dream through. Marlyn had a dream. She didn't see it through. Elvis had a dream, the same. He said again. See it through. Never will I forget that day.

Soon after his wife. Who let me just say. I was blessed she liked me because she is real, and don't like many people. LOL. She'd say Chrissy. You've got the eye of the tiger. Bam! I had the keys to my vision. You never know what you say when someone is vulnerable how it can affect their life. Good, or bad. Mine was a Gift and I was snatching it and making it my mantra!


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