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Faithful Friends

Through the years we've been together. Today I celebrate My 16th Anniversary!

You know when God first placed it on my heart I was supposed to be here. All I could vision was yes I knew I had something creative to offer the community I grew up in. Envisioning my place in it. More importantly I wanted to bring my future children to work with me one day. A safe environment they could be with me, and loved ones I grew up with. Surrounding creative elements of my childhood that brought warmth to my heart. Praying it provided a safe place for my customers as well. To be honest with you

times were not always easy for my spirit as a child. I learned at a early age how to tap into my imagination to escape. I sensed that others had this longing as well. I didn't understand the slang as a child. I do now to the "Talk is Cheap" this is where I found another outlet to express myself through elements. Creating stages if you will.

Being here, and the evolution of Christina's Collectibles to Christina's a Wine Boutique. So many layers behind the curtain I shielded from my customers. You've supported my ever changing growth. You've brought me steadfast love when I doubted myself at times. You've believed in me. Just Take a look around at my Shop! I'm one person expressing the encouragement, and joy you've brought me. I just happen to take enough vitamins to keep up with the stimulation you've provided me.

Words can never describe how you've taken care of me. It's been a relationship with the ones who keep coming back. We're invested in each other. Something in our soul knows it. Where words cheapen it. Each one of you have imprinted on my heart. Like every weird facet of my personality. Each of you has left a wine stain there. That pumps my heart

. Keeps the wheels turning. Pushes me to move forward, and upward.

*In God I trust*

Glory Glory I'm so blessed, and thank you in every way.



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