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Natural Organic and Herbal Oils
Objects to be Desired

"Once in a great while the earth is blessed with an enlightened soul who is able to raise the consciousness of his fellow man by his love, wisdom and honor."


This man, Dr. Christopher, created more than fifty herbal formulas that have exacted almost miraculous healings. I carry almost the full range of Dr. Christopher's Plant Based & Herbal Remedies, believing in their ability to work wonders and heal.

Moon Juice

Moon Juice is an incredible, healthy living cult brand from California which “presents a delicious road map for transforming your kitchen practices and achieving optimal wellness.” The Moon Juice Cookbook is a must have in every kitchen, and their Dusts are simply amazing and


Herbal Teas

Par Avion Tea "enhances the joy of life," traveling the world in search of excellence to produce artisan tea using the finest ingredients. These small batch, elegant teas are available at the Shop, along with some loose-leaf tea. Pick-up the blend that's right for you today!

Wild and Raw

Consuming Local, Wild & Raw Honey helps fight allergies, build immune systems, and is one of the planet's healthy and natural sweeteners. It soothes sore throats and is great for digestive systems too. Take two spoonfuls a day to feel better, and because it's delicious!

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