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100% Natural Essential Oils
What are Essential Oils
And why are beneficial?


100% Essential Oils in their whole state, are liquids distilled from plant seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc., purely from the Earth, not created in a science lab. Knowing and trusting the source where each component originates is key. Geographic locations play major roles as Nature's different species grow better in certain regions as opposed to others, just like wine varietals. The climate also plays a role in the process, as well as any chemicals that may be applied in production. It is imperative the molecular structure not be broken down by artificial heat and it is best to extract the oils through cold compression.

Essential Oils can be applied topically or inhaled. The molecules are so small they quickly penetrate through the skin, and through inhalation pass through the blood brain barrier. They are very powerful antioxidants and can destroy odors from mold, cigarettes, and animals. They can prevent all mutations and work as free radical scavengers preventing fungus and oxidation in the cells. When applied using reflexology points on the body they can work to aid internal organs. It is proven just by inhaling Essential Oils your vibration and frequency are raised immediately!

Not all Essential Oils are created equal!


There can be no substitutes for pure, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils, no matter how costly they may be.This may sound quite expensive, but one must realize three tons of plant material are required to produce a single pound of oil. Chemists are unable, despite best efforts, to successfully recreate in a lab what has already been provided for us by the planet.

Happiness Through Better Living


It seems most of us are striving to get closer to God, yet at the same time doing what Man instructs us to do.

Seems contrary to me. By using what is already provided to us, we are continuously living in sync with our surrounding environment. It is simple really, and a visionary process.


Take your life back by doing a little at a time. I suggest journaling your progress and watching your awareness begin to broaden.

Knowledge is the key to your confidence. 

My goal is to take away the intimidation and encourage you to go back to using what has been originally provided for us. These practices have been discussed in Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Chinese Manuscripts dating back thousands of years.


Is this really the "New Age" way of being, or are we just getting back to the 

beginning, or back to the basics? 

My question to you is simple: Does repeating history benefit you in any way? Really and truly ponder that, then decide what simple, little, daily difference is going to re-invent your spirit, creating beauty and happiness through authenticity. Don't over think it, just allow it to flow! 

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